Yankee Dogs Band Bio page.
Band members came together during jam sessions at open mics and discovered a shared love of American roots music. Reid's interest in traditional American music along with Muller's and Barrette's renown solo work makes for a fun and rollicking time through a catalog of western swing, folk rock, blues, rockabilly, rock & roll, and bluegrass.

Louise Muller, fiddle, electric mandolin, vocals

Bill Reid, acoustic rhythm guitar, vocals

Mike Barrette, electric lead guitar. vocals

Yankee Dogs is a group of music veterans from northeast CT known for work in area bands including Band of Humans, Blue Steele, The Ron Stone Band, Yankee Dogs, The Stephanie Hansen Band, The Outlyers, R.O.A.D., Chordwood, Arizona Made, J.P. Jones & Rite Tite, and Switch (to name just a few).

John DeBossu, Bass

Wayne Gaziorek, Drums
With jazz backgrounds, Gazieork and DeBossu give that extra groove, punch and big full sound to the 5 piece group of Yankee Dogs.
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