A Short Bio:
Starting at the age of 5, Louise received private violin instruction for almost 20 years. Along with performing in student orchestras and ensembles, she studied with teachers that were members of the National Symphony Orchestra, the Portland String Quartet and Oberlin College Professors. When a teen, she discovered bluegrass, formed a band and won several First place awards at Fiddle Contests in the Virginia area. In more recent years, she gigs in the New England area with various orchestras, ensembles, solo performances, and studio session work. Some of the most recent bands are: Yankee Dogs - swing, country, rock, folk, blues, bluegrass, Stephanie Hansen country, rock, Band of Humans - blues, folk rock, and the Phoenix String Quartet - Classical string quartet. She gave private violin lessons for 20 years. An award winning sculptor, she has designed and built one-of-a-kind electric 5-string violins now being sold through Lola Strings violin repair. In addition Louise is a website technology consultant. Loiuse
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